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These are some of the vests and sweaters that I have designed. Some were commissioned work, others came to being because the spirit moved me.
All designs are available as custom work. See below.

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moenkopi F -=- Moenkopi Vest -=-

100% wool, naturally hand-dyed yarn. This design was taken from rock art in the vicinity of Holbrook and Winslow, Arizona. The Little Colorado River was the home to the Hopi people before their move north to the Mesas. During Pueblo III and IV times, considerable rock art was placed on Moenkopi and Sonsela sandstone outcrops. In addition to Corn, there is a bas-relief image of a large Dog which came from a pictograph in San Rafael Swell, Utah from close to 2,000 years ago. SOLD

moenkopi B
spiderW3 F -=- Spider Woman Cross Vest III -=-

Acording to some Native American mythology, Spider Woman created the Universe. When she created humans she attached a thread from her body to the doorway at the tops of people's heads, thereby connecting all people to her devine creative wisdom. She brought weaving to the Navajo. Other symbols used: Corn, Clouds, Spider. SOLD

Spider Woman3 B
tbird F -=- Thunderbird Vest III -=-

100% Wool with wooden buttons. The Thunderbird is the sacred bearer of happiness. We carry so much responsibility across our shoulders all the time that having the Thunderbird there might feel good for a change. Other symbols used: Earth Woman, Spirit Man, Morning Star, Corn, Coyote and Snake. SOLD

tbird B
classic F -=- Classic Vest -=-

100% wool, naturally hand-dyed yarn. This design is taken from a Navajo rug woven during the 'Classic' period. I have added some additional design elements. On the back there is the Spider Woman Cross, Corn and Clouds. On the front, in white on white there is a snake. This vest has been made from Navajo Churro wool and dyed with natural dyes. SOLD

classic B

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If you are interested in more information about these vests
or about custom work, please e-mail me at:
katy@urbaneagle.com or write to:
Katy Blanchard
Urban Eagle Designs
P.O.Box 201
Youngsville, NM 87064

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