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These are some of the vests and sweaters that I have designed. Some were commissioned work, others came to being because the spirit moved me.
All designs are available as custom work. See below.

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hidatsa F -=- Hidatsa/Horse War Shirt Vest -=-

100% wool, antler buttons and horsehair tassels. The winters were long for the Plains Indians and during the long nights, the women would bead their clothing to add beauty and enhance the power of the wearer. This design was adapted from one such beaded war shirt. Symbols used: Corn, Morning Stars, Hoseshoes, and Coyote Tracks. SOLD

hidatsa B
feather F -=- Feather Vest -=-

This top was made from my very first hand-spun Cotswold yarn. I was intrigued by the different colors of the fleece that I had, and wanted to incorporate them in a top. I used white, brown, black (dark brown), and a combination yarn made from black and white. The design was inspired by a Navajo rug. SOLD

feather B
mandan F -=- Mandan Vest -=-

This design was taken from a Mandan warshirt. It incorporates a hand print and bars which represent coup counted. Other symbols included are Peace Pipe, Corn, and Snake. It is made from commercially spun Cotswold that has been hand dyed with natural dyes. SOLD

mandan B
spirit F -=- Spirit Shirt -=-

This design is taken from a Cheyenne beaded dress. It is made from all hand spun yarn. It feels like wearing a hug! SOLD

spirit B

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If you are interested in more information about these vests
or about custom work, please e-mail me at:
katy@urbaneagle.com or write to:
Katy Blanchard
Urban Eagle Designs
P.O.Box 201
Youngsville, NM 87064

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